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Treasure Basket Prep Box

S$ 39.90

Treasure baskets allow babies and young toddlers to safely explore the world around them. The items included in this treasure basket stimulate the child's senses and provide valuable exploration for babies and toddlers who are eager to explore their environment.

"All around the baby is a magical world of objects just waiting to be discovered." - Tim Sedin.

With treasure basket, children can:

  • explore with all senses: feel, taste, hear, smell and see a variety of textures, experiment and make choices
  • have an early experience to sorting and classifying items
  • develop fine motor skills by grabbing and trying to maneuver different objects
  • develop concentration
  • engage in sensory play which help build vocabulary and understand language when their caregivers use words and questions to describe their experiences, e.g. "How does this feather feel? Soft or hard?"
  • be encouraged to engage in more open-ended and independent play

Recommended for babies who are able to sit up on their own, and older. For older children, just keep introducing new objects into it!

Adult supervision is recommended, especially for babies who still mouth things.

Treasure basket prep box includes: 

  • 8-piece wooden tool set
  • i-Spy bottle with letters and numbers
  • Woven textured ring: choice of pastel blue, pastel pink, mixed pastel, purple hue
  • Wooden ring with strips of rainbow ribbons
  • Wooden rings of 5 different sizes
  • Rattan ball
  • Wooden brush
  • Pastel coloured feathers

Sensory tray and woven basket featured not included.